2m Calvin Grey 82% Merino 13% Nylon 5% lycra Jersey Knit 155g- Longest piece left.

$48.00 NZD

Colour: Calvin grey

82% NZ Merino 13% nylon 5% lycra- In this fabric the merino wool fibre is spun around a nylon core. The nylon provides the durability and the stability to the fabric and as the merino is wrapped around the nylon core you still get that lovely look and feel of the merino so that this fabric looks and feels like a 100% merino jersey knit.

Jersey knit.

Good one way stretch and a slight stretch the other way. Comfy to wear and good for tighter fit.

Width 170cm- this is an extra wide manufacturers width

Length 2m 

Weight 155g

Use: Tops, base layers, tshirts,scarf, wrap, mittens, baby beanies, swaddling, baby clothes etc.

Machine wash on wool cycle.

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