Available by the 100 yard or 200 yard roll 3mm and 6mm wide black and white elastic.


3m Zodiac Navy 96% Merino 4% Lycra 375g- can use as fabric or for bands , cuffs

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This is a precut 3m length.   This is a very heavy fabric to send as the fabric weight is 375g. 

Colour: Zodiac Navy- this fabric is a dark navy blue but it looks a little lighter in some photos to show the fabric detail. 

Fabric composition: 96% Merino and 4% lycra.

Fabric type: this is similar to a rib knit but is not the usual knit purl knit stitch look, like our other rib knits. The ribs are wider and this fabric has a very good one way stretch.

Width 110 cm

Length 3 metres

Weight 375g

Use: Babywear, baby blankets, tops, base layers, leggings, beanies, skirt, neck warmers, ponchos. 

This type of fabric could also be used for banding for necklines, cuffs and waistbands.

Machine wash on wool cycle.