Reduced width 128cm 1m Black Onyx 100% Merino Jersey Knit 160g

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Normally $24 per metre so save $6 per metre as the fabric width is 1-2cm less than the 130cm fabric width due to small holes running along the selvage.

This fabric has small holes running along one or both selvages which will reduce the fabric width by half a cm up to 2cm. The photos are sample photos only and the holes will be in random places along the selvage/s as the fabric is cut from the roll. The fabric in the middle between the selvages is fine- the flaw will reduce the fabric width by up to 5mm- 2.5cm as you will need to cut off the edges. With a woven fabric there would be line of dots a cm in from the edge on each side where you would not lay pattern pieces so this is similar as you will only be able to lay a pattern piece up to a about a cm from the edge . This will mean the fabric may be reduced to a width of about 128- 129cm. See last 7 photos for examples of the holes. The other photos are stock photos of the fabric.

Colour: Black Onyx- the colour is black but may look lighter in some photos to show the fabric detail.

Composition: 100% NZ merino.

Fabric type: Jersey knit.

Width 130 cm but reduced depending on where the holes are to 128-129cm wide. See above comments.

Length 1 metre

Weight 160 g

Stretch- yes good one way stretch

Use: Base layer for t shirts, tops, cardigans, singlets, camisole, light wraps.

Machine wash on wool cycle.


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