25% off sale- Reduced width by 20cm -Pink Teal Flower Soft Green 100% Merino Jersey knit 180g- see menu for lengths available

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Lovely print in soft green with a single pink flower outlined in dark pink with a teal and hot pink outline flower. The first photos are Stock photos of the fabric and not of the actual piece and do not show any dye flaw. This piece has a dye flaw which is one side of the fabric close to the edge. The flawed area will reduce the normal fabric width from 150cm to 130cm. Photos showing the dye flaw are examples of the type of blackish flaw on side of the fabric close to the selvage. Fabric is 25% off because of the reduced width. Note 130cm is still a standard width for some of our merino fabrics.

100% Merino wool.

Jersey knit. This is a jersey knit fabric that will curl on the ends and the sides.

150cm wide but usuable width 130cm if excluding the area where the dye flaw is.

Length: See menu for length and price

100% New Zealand merino wool fabric.

Weight 180g.

Nice for baselayer, scarf, top.

Good one way stretch.

Machine or hand wash.