Sale 10m Light Dark Grey 15mm Stripe 100% Merino

$200.00 NZD $240.00 NZD

SALE price on 10m precut pieces of this fabric. This fabric is normally $24 per metre so this a saving of of $40 for this piece.

Bulk buy listing. In some cases the fabric may need to be ordered in and to confirm this fabric is still available for a bulk buy and the correct shipping cost please email us on

This reduced price of applies  to this 10 metre piece or if you wish to purchase more the same reduced per metre price of $20 will apply.

For a larger order, a deposit prepayment may be required for us to specially order in the fabric for you. 

Please DO NOT purchase online as availability and shipping cost need to be confirmed. 


100% merino light grey and dark grey stripes. The stripes are half an inch or 15mm wide.

Jersey knit.

Width 150 cm

Length 10 metres

Weight 160 g

Good one way stretch

Use: Base layer for t shirts, tops, cardigans, singlets, camisole, light wraps.

Machine wash on wool cycle

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