85cm Vivid Purple Eyelet 51% Merino 34% tencel 15% nylon 150g Knit Fabric 165cm

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Colour: Vivid Purple eyelet.

Fabric type: Merino eyelet jersey knit. This type of fabric is often used by large well known clothing manufacturers in side panels and sleeves as the small eyelets allow cooling with the air able to flow through the small eyelets.

Composition : 51% merino 34% tencel 15% nylon. Tencel is a fibre made from sustainably-produced eucalyptus. Tencel is capable of wicking sweat three times fast than merino alone, so when combined its a soft silky fabric for activewear, while staying dry and comfortable in the heat of summer. The combination of merino and tencel will keep wearers cool, dry and comfortable on even the hottest days of summer. It also makes the fabric more durable and softer. It will also dry quicker than a 100% merino so this blend is perfect for travel. The addition of nylon makes the fabric even more durable. The nylon is the white threads you see on the back as this adds strength to the eyelet holes so they don't run.

Fabric weight : 150g

Width: 165cm wide

Length 85cm

Use: Underwear, camisole, singlets, baselayers, beanies, scarf. 

Machine wash on wool cycle.