1.5m Rosy Maroon Brown and Grape 60.4% Merino 39.6% Nylon Blend 320g- precut 1.5m pieces only

$27.00 NZD


Colour: Rosy Purple Maroon  Nylon backing with a grape shade of merino on the other side.

Fabric content: 60.4% New Zealand Merino and 39.6% nylon

Fabric weight: 320g

Width: 140 cm

Length: 1.5 metres

Stretch: Yes has good 1 way stretch

Fabric details: Heavier weight so nice and warm.

This is a merino blend knit that has the look and feel of a merino jersey knit on one side and a nylon knit on the other side. You can use either side as the right side. The nylon side almost looks like the shell type fabrics on wind jackets but is not as stiff. Use for waterfall cardigans as both sides of the fabric can be seen with a nice contrast of colour and texture. 

Use: Tops, sweatshirts, jackets, cardigans, dresses, tunics. This also makes really nice warm sweatpants or pants if you use the merino on the inside. Great for waterfall jackets and cardigans as you get the contrast of both sides of the fabric showing with the 2 different textures. 

Machine washable on a wool cycle.


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