90cm Gideon Blue Brushed Back 87% Merino 10% Nylon 3% Lycra 210g- Precut piece

$21.50 NZD

This fabric is only available in precut pieces.


Colour: Gideon Blue Mallard

Fabric compositon: 87% merino, 3% lycra and 10% nylon.

The nylon is used to stabilise the fabric and provide durability. There is small amount of lycra for slight one way stretch.

Fabric type: Merino Sweatshirt fabric. This fabric has a smooth side for the right side and has a brushed backing for extra warmth.

Width: 170cm which is a manufacturers width so wider than normal except for one nick/ slit in the very close to the selvage which is 2 cm long. It is so close to the edge that it will not affect pattern layout. The nick is not shown in the photos. 

Length: 90cm

Fabric Weight: 210g

Use: Baby blankets, tops, skirts, dresses, trackpants, beanies swaddling, hoodies, tunics, sweatshirts.

Machine wash on wool cycle.


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