94cm Everglade Green 81% Merino 19% Polyester 205g Textured Waffle Knit Fabric- reduced width to 133cm

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This fabric was originally $24 per metre. However this roll has a very faint line 15cm in from one selvage. The line runs parallel to the edge so it reduces the width by 15cm. It is so faint I can't photograph it and it may not show on a garment. However as I can't be sure the price has been reduced. These are stock photos of the fabric and they don't show the line.

This type of fabric makes nice baby wraps and swaddling and you can use the full width as it is unlikely you would see the line once the fabric was wrapped or draped around baby. 

Colour: Everglade Green

Fabric content: 81% New Zealand Merino wool and 19% polyester. This fabric blends soft and breathable merino wool with polyester for improved moisture wicking to draw sweat and moisture away from your skin, provide better fabric durability and faster drying. The fabric has a waffled square texture that helps to hold in warmth.

Fabric weight: 205g

Width: 148cm is the full width or 133cm if you don't use the side where the line is.

Length: 94cm

Stretch: Yes has good 1 way stretch

Fabric details: Good one way stretch

Use: Long sleeve Tops, hoodies, sweatshirts, tshirts camisoles, singlets, baby wear, hats, beanies, cardigans, dresses, leggings, blankets, base layers.

Machine washable on a wool cycle.