1.2m Golden Mustard Merino Sports Knit 48.3% merino 51.7% polyester

$10.00 NZD $15.60 NZD

Reduced as there is a black mark on this piece. It looks like it may wash out but can't be sure. The mark is 8cm in from one edge and 30cm from one end of the fabric. Price based on 90cm in case the mark does not wash out. The photos are stock photos of this fabric and NOT of the actual piece so the mark is not shown.

Colour: Golden Mustard

Fabric content: 48.3% merino and 51.7% polyester.

By mixing merino and polyester you get a more durable fabric that dries quicker.
A blend will be lightweight, machine washable, quick drying and going by our price for this fabric a lot cheaper! It won't be as warm though as a 100% merino.

Fabric weight: 180g

Width: 130cm

Length: 1.2 metres but 30cm may be affected- see above;

Stretch: Yes good one way stretch

Use: Baselayers, tshirts.

Machine washable on a wool cycle.

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