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1.2m Hogan Grey 100% Merino 230g 190cm wide- french terry backing sweat shirt fabric

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Precut pieces only as this fabric is nearly all sold and cannot be restocked so all pieces have to been cut.

Colour: Hogan Grey

Fabric type: Sweatshirt knit with a french terry type backing. 

Composition: 100% merino

Weight 230g

Width: 190cm- this is extra wide as this is a manufacturers width and not a standard dress makers width.  A standard dress makers width is 125- 150cm  so you are getting effectively an extra half metre of fabric per metre purchased due to the width compared to a dressmakers width. 

Length 1.2m

Good one way stretch

Nice for hoodies, sweatshirts, pants, skirts, leggings,wraps, cardigans.