1.3m -Reduced 3 Panels of Blue Mountains 42.5 x 160cm 100% Merino Jersey 200g

$15.00 NZD

Blue mountain panels in 100% merino jersey knit. There are in effect 2 panel prints. They are the mirror image or reverse of each other as to where the mountains are printed.

These panels are reduced as there is a slight twist to the fabric so if folding in half the selvages will not meet exactly. Ok for small items like babywear, scarfs, neck warmers etc. There may also be some small dye spots like the one shown in the photo with the green pen. If making smaller items these flaws should not be noticeable.

The photos are sample photos of this fabric so may not be exactly the same placement of the mountains as the panel sent but there are enough photos to give an indication of the fabric print. Also the twist or dye spots will be totally random also.

Width 160cm

Length- 3 panels which is about approximately 1.3 metres in total.

If buying more than 1 lot, they will be sent as a continuous length of 6 panels, 9 panels etc.

Weight 200g

Stretch: some one way stretch.

Use: beanies, head bands, gaiters, scarfs, baby wear, swaddling wraps.

Machine wash on wool cycle.

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