1m Royce Blue Triangle Mountain Print 80% Merino 20% polyester- precut 1m pieces only

$25.00 NZD

This print is a one off designer print and there is only one small roll of this fabric.


Colour: Royce blue triangle mountain print. The first photo is closed to colour. The photos with the ruler in them are lighter than the actual blue.

Fabric composition: 80% merino 20% polyester. Polyester helps with fabric durability, makes the fabric dry faster and helps with moisture wicking. 

Width 130cm

Length 1 metre

Weight 240g approximately- exact weight not known. 

Good one way stretch

Nice for tops, cardigans, tunics, dresses, swaddling, baby wraps, singlets, camisoles. 

Machine washable on a wool cycle.


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