1.5m Red Ottoman Textured Line Merino blend- approx. 250g- precut 1.5m pieces.

$22.50 NZD

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This is a sample fabric and the details are not known but going by the manufacturing number it is  similar to our other 100% 250g merino fabrics. Therefore we have estimated the fabric composition and weight and the price has been reduced accordingly as a 100% 250g merino is $28 per metre.


Colour: Red Ottoman

Fabric content:  Not known but likely to be 100% merino or a high content merino blend with 75% merino and over. 

Textured line knit- the lines run perpendicular to the selvage. 

Length- 1.5 metres

Width 135 cm

Weight estimated to be around 250g

Good one way stretch.

Use: Sweatshirts, skirts, hoodies, cardigans, baby blankets, tunics, swaddling.

Machine wash on wool cycle.

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