1m Hudson Blue 70% Merino 30% Nylon Jersey Knit 155g

$22.00 NZD

Colour: Hudson Blue - not quite a solid colour as a slight black marl effect on the blue

Fabric content: 70% NZ Merino and 30% nylon  jersey knit.

Nylon helps with fabric durability, moisture wicking and makes the fabric dry faster. However as for look and feel this is just like a 100% merino jersey knit.

Good one way stretch and a slight stretch the other way. Comfy to wear and good for tighter fit.

Width 162cm

Length 1m 

Weight 155g

Use: Tops, base layers, tshirts,scarf, wrap, mittens, baby beanies, swaddling, baby clothes etc.

Machine wash on wool cycle.

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