1m Textured Citrus 56.6% Merino 43.4% Polyester

$14.00 NZD

Colour: Textured Citrus. The fabric has small lines about a cm long running parallel to the selvage. This means the lines are running vertically if you make a top.

Great for tops where you want a tighter fit for activities such as cycling and running as you still have the stretch to make it easy to put on.

Polyester makes the fabric dry quicker and more durable. It is often the preferred blend for activewear as polyester assists with moisture wicking to draw the sweat away from your skin. The little lines in the fabric help with this to allow the fabric to keep dry.

Composition: 56.6% merino, 43.4% polyester

Weight 230g

Width 150cm wide

Length: 1 metre

Stretch: yes has some stretch one way.

Machine wash on wool cycle.

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