2.1m Stonewall Grey and Cream Nordic Floral 80% merino and 20% polypropylene 360g-Longest piece left

$55.00 NZD $58.80 NZD

Colour: Stonewall Grey and Cream Nordic Floral with a cream backing.

Fabric content: 80% New Zealand Merino 20% polypropylene

The fabric has a dye mark that is shown on the wrong side only and does not affect the right side of the fabric. See the photos that show the cream backing, 

Fabric weight: 360g

Width: 142 cm

Length: 2.1 metres

Stretch: Only a very slight 1 way stretch if you pull hard across the grain.

Fabric details: Sturdy fabric that will hold it's shape and is warmer and heavier in weight for winter warmth.

Use: Tops, cardigans, dresses, tunics, jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, or blankets.

Machine wash on wool cycle or hand wash.

Last piece. 

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