20 yards Assorted FOE- Random Mix 20 x 1 yard Fold Over Elastic Grab bag Set

$15.00 NZD

#3 set.

This is a grab bag of fold over elastic with a random mix of elastics from the ones shown in the photos.  20 x 1 yard lengths so they are about 90-95cm long.

The 20 elastics are all different.

The elastics are a stretch fold over elastic.

The elastic has a line down the middle so you can fold it in half to sew if you use this elastic to bind necklines, hems, sleeves or bind a baby blanket or wrap or for other crafts and sewing.

You can also use the elastic flat as a trim for scrapbooking, or sew on as a trim.

This type of elastic also makes great hair ties and headbands. To make hairties, you need about 20cm so you would get 5 per metre. Great also for a headband or to keep the hair off your face when removing makeup.

Width per elastic is 15mm approximately when the elastic is flat.

Length 1 yard x 20 different fold over elastics.

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