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25cm Pink Teal Flower Soft Green 100% Merino 190g Jersey Knit- precut piece

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Lovely print in soft green with a single pink flower outlined in dark pink with a teal and hot pink outline flower.

Content: 100% Merino wool.

Colour: The colour of the green is more like the green in the photos where the fabric is taken closer up. The fabric photos taken further away to show the full extent of the print are showing as lighter than actual colour.

Fabric type: Jersey knit. This is a jersey knit fabric that curls on the ends and the sides. There is one photo which shows the selvages curled in. You may find it harder to get the fabric to be perfectly straight if you try to get the 2 selvages to lay flat together so this fabric is for a more experienced sewer. It may be easier to cut the pattern pieces flat rather than on the fold.

Width: 150cm wide

Length: 25cm

Weight 190g.

Stretch: Good one way stretch.

Use: scarf, beanie, mittens

Machine or hand wash.