Sale 30% off- 1.3m 3 Panels of Blue Mountains 100% Merino Wool Jersey Knit Fabric- has flaw so please read

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Blue mountain panel print in 100% merino jersey knit. There are in effect 2 panel prints. They are the mirror image or reverse of each other as to where the mountains are printed on either the left hand or the right hand of the fabric. The fabric is 160cm wide. See the first photos which are stock photos of the print.

This is a set of 3 panels which is about 1.3m in length. Each mountain panel is approximately 42.5cm.

These panels are reduced as there is a line of hard to see  faint brownish spots in a line running approximately down the middle of the fabric parallel to the selvage.

The other photos with the pen/pencil show examples from some pieces of the type of brownish spots or marks that may be on the piece. The panels will be cut randomly off the roll so the spots will not be in the same places or same amount, depth or dimensions.

These panels are reduced to take the dye flaw into effect. Normally 1.3m of our printed jersey knits would be $32.50

100% merino wool.

Jersey Knit.

Length Approximately 1.3 metres which is 3 panels.

Width 160cm

Fabric Weight 200g

Stretch: some one way stretch.

Use: beanies, head bands, gaiters, scarfs, baby wear, baby blankets wraps, inner for baby sleeping bag, under garments such as underwear, boxers, leggings, camisoles and singlets, headbands.

Machine wash on wool cycle.

Note this is a jersey knit that curls- see last photo.