32cm Optimist Blue 79% merino 21% polyester 130g Baby wraps swaddling baselayers

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This piece is from the beginning of the roll and has a sticker on it to show the right side of the fabric and some masking tape residue where the ends of the roll were secured. This would make a nice neck warmer or scarf or beanie.

These are stock photos of this fabric and not of the actual piece except for the last photo which shows the sticker.

Colour: Optimist Blue

Fabric content: 79% merino and 21% polyester.

By mixing merino and polyester you get a more durable fabric that dries quicker.

This blend will be lightweight, machine washable, quick drying but won't be as warm though as a 100% merino. The polyester also helps with moisture wicking.

Fabric weight: 130g

Width: 140cm

Length: 32cm

Stretch: Yes good one way stretch

Use: Baselayers, tshirts.

Machine washable on a wool cycle.