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25% off sale-3m Davidson Black 100% Merino Jersey Mini Eyelet Dobby 160g

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This fabric has a dobby eyelet in the fabric which is hard to see when the fabric is against the body as shown on the fabric on the model. The dobby eyelet as shown in the first photo held up to the light to show the eyelets.

Normally $24 per metre so save 25% with $6 per metre off as the fabric width is up to 6cm less than the 136cm fabric width due to small ladder holes running along the selvage on both sides about 2-3 cm in on each side. The ladder holes are roughly parallel to the selvage. A 130cm width is still a standard width for some of our merino fabrics so save on this piece. The fabric in the middle where you would lay pattern pieces is fine.

This fabric has small holes running along one or both selvages which will reduce the fabric width by 2-6cm. The photos are sample photos only and the holes will be in random places along the selvages as the fabric is cut from the roll. The fabric in the middle between the selvages is fine- the flaw will reduce the fabric width by up to 6cm as you will need to cut off the edges. With a woven fabric there would be line of dots a cm in from the edge on each side where you would not lay pattern pieces so this is similar as you will only be able to lay a pattern piece up to a about a cm from the edge . This will mean the fabric may be reduced to a width of about 130cm. Some photos show for examples of the holes. The other photos are stock photos of the fabric.

Black 100% Merino jersey knit with a mini eyelet spaced about an inch apart. The eyelet is different from the ladder holes running along the edges.

This type of merino is often used for sportswear or for summer weight tshirts as the eyelets will allow for cooling with better ventilation. Good for running and cycling.

Fabric weight: 160g

Width: 136cm but up to 6cm less for ladder flaw.

Length: 3 metre

Stretch: Yes has good 1 way stretch

Use: Tops, tshirts, camisoles, singlets, cardigans, dresses, tunics, baby wraps, swaddling.

Machine washable on a wool cycle.