5 Washing Instructions/ Handmade New Zealand Merino Wool Labels

$2.50 NZD

 5 x White Washing Instructions /Handmade with New Zealand Merino Wool labels.

The labels need to be folded in half and sewn in a seam or back neck. The front side of the tag will show the Made with NZ Merino Wool and the tag when lifter up will show the washing instructions. See example photos where the labels are pinned on some merino garments (however you would sew them on the back or underside and not on the top as shown in the examples). Merino hat and top not included.

Each label is 50mm x 20mm when flat.

This price and listing is for 5 labels although more are shown in the photos.

If you need more you can buy more and save. Buy 10 for $4 and 20 for $6.

We also have other Handmade with NZ Merino Wool Fabric labels without the washing instructions available so please ask for these ones.


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