52cm Frosty White 100% NZ Merino Wool Jersey Knit Fabric 150g

$12.00 NZD


This is the piece from the end of the roll and it has some wrinkles which will wash or iron out. NOT shown in the photos which are stock photos of this fabric and not of the actual piece.

Colour: Frosty White. This is the "whitest" merino we have. People have different opinions about white and cream but this is the manufacturer colour name. A white card has been placed on the fabric for colour comparison.

Fabric composition: 100% New Zealand merino wool.

Fabric type: Jersey knit

Width 130 cm wide

Length: 52cm long.

Weight 150g.

Nice weight for tops, beanies, singlet, wraps, camisoles, baselayers, baby wraps and cardigans.

Good one way stretch.

Machine washable on wool or delicate cycle.

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