55cm Forest Green Merino Nylon Lycra 2way stretch 38.7% NZ Merino wool 44.8% nylon 16.5% spandex 255g

$7.00 NZD $7.70 NZD


Colour: Forest Green

Fabric content: 38.7% NZ Merino wool, 44.8% nylon and 16.5% spandex

Fabric weight: 255g

Width: 145cm

Length: 55cm

Stretch: Yes has good 2 way stretch

Use: Great for leggings, pants, tops, sweatshirts where you want a tighter fit and for fabric to hold it's shape. Nice for jackets too.

The fabric is smooth on the right side and has a slightly looped brushed backing so it is soft against your skin.

Almost looks like a shell type fabric you see on wind breaker jackets on the smooth side.

Machine washable on a wool cycle.

Please ask if you need a 1.5m piece.


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