58cm Fiji Cyan Blue 98.6% Merino 1.4% nylon Jersey Knit 150g- reduced as selvage not straight

$9.00 NZD $13.92 NZD

Price reduced as this piece has a slight flaw where the selvages will overlap slightly and not be straight when the fabric is folded. This does not affect the fabric so this piece will still be fine for a neck warmer or scarf. If using with a pattern piece, you may need to cut flat and not on the fold. Not shown in the photos as they are stock photos of this fabric.

Colour: Fiji Cyan Blue

Composition: 98.6% NZ Merino wool and 1.4% nylon. The nylon is the white lines seem on the wrong side of the fabric which gives stability to this fabric as it has eyelets.

Fabric type: Jersey knit with pinhole eyelets. The eyelets allow for air to pass through so this type of merino can be worn in warmer temperatures in the spring and summer. It is also used for ventilation on activewear.

Good one way stretch

Width 150 cm

Length 58cm

Weight 150g

Use: Singlets, base layers, baby blankets or wraps, tops, t shirts,swaddling etc.

Machine wash on wool cycle.

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