62cm Fowler Black / Grey Stripe 50% Merino 50% Tencel 225g 175cm Xtra wide

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Colour: Fowler Black and Grey Stripes- stripes are about 8mm wide and run perpendicular to the selvage. This means the stripes go around your body horizontally if making a top.

Fabric content: 50% NZ Merino wool, 50% Tencel.

Tencel is a fibre made from sustainably-produced eucalyptus. Tencel is capable of wicking sweat three times fast than merino alone, so when combined its a soft silky fabric for activewear, while staying dry and comfortable in the heat of summer. The combination of merino and tencel will keep wearers cool, dry and comfortable on even the hottest days of summer. It also makes the fabric more durable and softer. It will also dry quicker than a 100% merino so this blend is perfect for travel.

Fabric weight: 225g

Width: 175cm which is extra wide.

Length: 62cm

Stretch: Slight 1 way stretch.

Fabric: Unbrushed terry looped backing jersey knit.

Use: Great for tops, hoodies.

Machine washable on a wool cycle.

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