76cm Fremantle Black 86% Merino Wool Boucle 320g Coat Fabric

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This piece has an extra bit of fabric along one selvage so it can be cut off to straighten then edge without losing any of the wdith.

Colour: Fremantle Black

Fabric composition: 86% Merino wool and 14% polyester. The polyester gives stability to the fabric when it is this heavy.

Fabric type: Bouclé Knit. There is a looped knit side which is the right side of the fabric. On the wrong side is smooth side which is easy and comfortable against an under layer as this side will be the side closest to your body. However if you prefer to use the fabric the other way round, you could do so,

Bouclé is a heavier warmer weight but is still a long-wearing, easily-cared-for fabric.

Heavy coat jacket or sweatshirt weight.

Fabric weight 320g

Width 145cm normally but fabric is wider and will be this width when the extra fabric is cut off to straighten the edge. See the last few photos which show the edge. The other photos are stock photos of the fabric and not of the actual piece.

Length 76cm

Machine wash on wool or delicate cycle and dry flat. DO NOT put in the dryer.

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