77cm Yardley Blue 100% Merino Jersey 160g- read carefully as fabric flaw

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Read carefully as this fabric is reduced as it has a slight twist. This will mean the fabric edges will not meet when folded in half for pattern layout. The grain of the fabric is not straight due to the twist. It would be best to use this fabric for items like scarves, wraps or if using for garments it may be better for undergarments as the grain line of the fabric may show as being on a slight angle.

Colour: Yardley Blue

100% NZ merino wool.

Jersey knit.

Width 170cm- note this an extra wide manufacturers width

Length 77cm

Weight 160 g

Stretch- yes good one way stretch

Use: See caution above- Base layer for t shirts, tops, cardigans, singlets, camisole, light wraps, scarves, beanies, babywear

Machine wash on wool cycle.