80cm REDUCED Dye Flaw Pink Teal Flower Soft Green 100% Merino Wool Jersey 180g

$12.00 NZD $20.00 NZD


This fabric has an intermittent dye flaw which is on the right hand side only of this piece so it will reduce the width by 20cm.


The flaw is random on the side. The flaw is a blackish dye mark however you should be able to cut around this flaw by using a lesser width. 

The first 3 photos are stock photos of the fabric without the flaw to show you the fabric colour and print without the flaw. The other photos are examples only, of the types and sorts of dye flaws from random pieces of fabric. This piece will not have exactly the same dye marks as the photos and may have more or less marks and the placement of the flaw is only on one side for this piece..

This fabric curls on the ends and the sides so the fabric will not lie flat when folded in half selvage to selvage. It would be best to cut any pattern pieces flat with a single layer of fabric.

The colour in soft green with a single pink flower outlined in dark pink with a teal and hot pink outline flower.

This fabric has been reduced to take these flaws into account.

100% Merino wool,

Jersey knit.

150cm wide less 20cm for flaw so 130cm wide

Length: 80cm

100% New Zealand merino wool fabric.

Weight 180g.

Good one way stretch.

Machine or hand wash.

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