87cm at 77cm price Black 89% Merino with Spandex for stretch

$18.50 NZD $20.88 NZD

This means the fabric will stretch but still hold it's shape.

This was used by a clothing manufacturer for pants and there is only a limited amount available.

It is also nice for hoodies and sweatshirts as this is a heavier weight merino with good stretch.

This piece has a sample cut from one end that is 10cm long and 15cm in from the edge. Price therefore calculated as a 77cm length.

125cm wide

Length: 87cm but selling as 77cm as sample cut from one corner.

89% merino, 4% lycra and 7% nylon.

Weight 350g.

Good one way stretch due to the spandex and some stretch the other way too.

Machine washable on a wool cycle.

Last piece left.


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