Reduced 2m Reid Black Jersey 100% NZ Merino wool 210g has ladder flaw on edge 140cm wide

$40.00 NZD $52.00 NZD

Reduced as edge flaw which reduces the width slightly.

Colour : Reid Black- the fabric is black but may look lighter in some photos so you can see the fabric detail.

Fabric type: Jersey knit.

Composition: 100% New Zealand merino.

Width 145 cm but selling as 140cm as there is a ladder flaw close to one selvage. The ladder flaw runs along the whole edge and goes about 4cm in so this will need to be avoided for pattern layout and will reduce the usable width

140cm is still a standard width and wider than some of our other jersey knit fabrics. The fabric itself is fine if the 4cm along the selvage are cut off or not used when laying out pattern pieces. The photos showing the ladder flaw are examples only so the ladder may differ in length and width as the fabric is cut off the roll but this piece does have the flaw along the whole length so is reduced more than other pieces

This fabric is normally $26pm but reduced to $20pm to take into account the slightly reduced width.

Length: 2m long.

Weight: 210g.

Good one way stretch.

Nice weight for hoodies, tops, dresses, cardigans, swaddling, baby wraps, beanies, tunics, tshirts.

Machine wash on wool cycle or hand wash.

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