22% off this piece as Sample cut taken from end- 1m Black with White Spot 60% Merino 140g Knit Eyelet

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Not shown in the photos which are stock photos of this fabric but a sample was cut from one end in the corner. There is a 7 x 7cm corner missing on the fabric where the sample cut was taken from.

Colour: Black with a white spot

Fabric content: 60% New Zealand Merino wool and 40% polyester- don't be put off by the polyester. This makes the fabric more durable for active wear and sportswear when it is constantly being washed. Also it dries quicker. This is a great fabric to wear in the warmer months and is perfect for travel tops. The small spot eyelets provide ventilation for cooling.

Fabric weight: 140g

Width: 150cm less 7cm in one corner.

Length: 1 metre but 7cm less in one corner

Stretch: Yes has good 1 way stretch

Use: Lovely for baby wraps and swaddles. Tops, camisoles, singlets. baby wear, hats, beanies, cardigans, baby blankets, base layers, t shirts.

Machine washable on a wool cycle.