Offcut 133 x 81cm Simba Cream Floral 57% NZ Merino wool 43% Polypropylene 215g

$10.00 NZD


Stock photos of this fabric and not of the actual piece. Offcut as one selvage has been cut off. This not shown in the photos.

Colour: Simba Cream Floral.

Fabric composition: 57% New Zealand merino wool and 43% polypropylene.

Fabric type: Merino wool on the outer with a mesh layer next to your body. This fabric is for high intensity activities in mild to cold temperatures. The mesh draws the sweat away from the skin to keep you dry and comfortable.

Width 133 cm wide

Length: 81cm long. 

Weight 215g.

Nice for scarf, tops, leggings.

Good one way stretch.

Machine washable on wool or delicate cycle.

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