Reduced 1.5m Very Thin Stripe Grey Cream 100% Merino 165g- has minor line flaw- last 1.5m piece

$30.00 NZD $36.00 NZD

Reduced price as this fabric has a line flaw. This fabric has a very faint hard to see double line running parallel to the selvage approximately mid way between the selvages. See the photos with the pen in them to point out where the line is. If making outerwear, be aware the line may show. This fabric would be fine for undergarments, baby wear, swaddling wraps, beanies, or smaller items where you could cut around the flaw.

Very fine stripe about 1mm wide in shades of grey and cream.

100% NZ Merino jersey knit.

Width 150 cm

Length 1.5m

Weight 165g

Use: Singlets, base layers, baby blankets, tops, t shirts, cardigans. swaddling etc.

Machine wash on wool cycle.

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