Reduced 60cm Bright Apple Green 100% Merino Jersey 200g

$9.50 NZD

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Reduced as there are some very faint black spots like grease marks on the fabric. They are quite hard to see and I am uncertain if they will wash out. The price has therefore been reduced. The fabric would still be ok to use for something like a scarf as any marks would be hidden in the drape or folds.

The first 4 photos are sample photos of this fabric without a flaw so are not of this actual piece. The other photos are also samples of the marks referred to above. There are a couple of pieces of this fabric listed with a similar flaw in other auctions so the photos are representative of the flaw and are not of this actual piece.

Lovely bright Apple Green 100% NZ Merino jersey knit

Width 155 cm

Length 60cm

Weight 200g

Stretch: Yes good one way stretch

Use: Singlets, base layers, baby blankets, tops, t shirts, dresses, skirts. swaddling etc.

Machine wash on wool cycle.

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