SALE 1.9m Navigate Blue Merino 350g- Baby blankets, sleeping bags- has line mark

$38.00 NZD


This fabric has a faint line running down the middle of the fabric, parallel to the selvage. It may be noticeable if making a garment with the smooth side as the right side. If using the textured side, the line is not as noticeable. See photos with the pen in them to show the flaw. The other photos without the photo are stock photos of the fabric and not of the actual piece so the flaw will not shown in these ones.

This fabric would be perfect for a warm baby blanket or sleeping bag as it is a 350g weight. It could also be used for toddler hoodies or leggings as you may be able to cut pieces either side of the line.

Colour: Navigate Blue

Fabric composition: 89% merino, 4% spandex and 7% nylon.

Heavier weight fabric which is perfect for pants with a little lycra for stretch. The nylon is there is stabilise the fabric so don't be put off. This means the fabric will stretch but still hold it's shape.

Width: 120cm wide

Length: 1.9 metres

Weight 350g.

Good one way stretch due to the spandex and some stretch the other way too.

Machine washable on a wool cycle.

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