1.5m MKM Navy Merino Blend Knit Fabric

$18.00 NZD $37.50 NZD

Clearance price on some merino fabrics which includes this one. This one is on special as we don't have the fabric composition for it other than it is a merino blend. It has a very good one way stretch but no stretch the other way so the blend is likely to be polyester or nylon. Our normal merino ponte knits are $25 per metre so this is a big saving. 

It is a nice heavy weight almost like a ponte.

Colour: MKM Navy- this is a dark navy blue shade.

Fabric content: Merino blend- exact details not known.

Fabric weight: Not known but like a lighter weight merino ponte- perhaps around 250g

Width: 135cm

Length: 1.5 metres

Stretch: Good one way stretch.

Use: Baselayers, tshirts, dresses, tunics, cardigans, leggings.

Machine washable on a wool cycle.

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