2m Lacy Racy Red 100% NZ Merino Jersey Knit 200g

$40.00 NZD $48.00 NZD

Save $8 on a 2m piece.

Colour: Lacy Racy Red

100% NZ Merino jersey knit.

This fabric has a lacy pinhole eyelet stripe texture to it. The pinholes are in stripes about 15mm wide and then 30mm of plain fabric and then a continuous repeat of these stripes.
The stripes run across the fabric so if making a top, the stripes will be horizontal around your body.

Width 135cm

Length 2 metres

Weight 200g

Has a good one way stretch.

Use: Tops, base layers, tshirts,scarf, wrap, mittens, baby beanies, swaddling, baby clothes etc.

Machine wash on wool cycle.

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