100% navy 175g and black 195g jersey knit are back in stock along with lots of other colours. Please ask if you need longer lengths as all stock is not shown online.

25% off precut lengths of merino and polypropylene fabric

Now $20 per 1.5m length. Available in 3 colours- snowdonia cream, suva pink and ranburn blue. Only a limited amount of precut lengths are available while we clear roll ends.

This fabric has a  honeycomb/mesh type backing to draw and wick sweat.

Why Polypropylene and merino blended together:

1. The fabric gives warmth without weight

2. Moisture is moved away from the skin with the white honeycomb side.

3. Polypropylene retains heat longer for better comfort. The fabric has the sportwear backing which is designed to have maximum air trapped next-to-skin in the wool layer of the fabric meaning higher levels of warmth, moisture can then travel through the merino to the polypropylene surface where it is evaporated out of the fabrics structure without giving the wearer the feeling of 'clamminess'.

4. Mould, bacteria and mildew cannot grow on polypropylene and merino has in itself natural odour repellant behaviour meaning product can be worn for long periods of time and will not smell.

Nice for tops, baselayers. Singlets, camisoles, sports wear, and leggings.