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Samples and Fabric Availability

Samples sheet

When buying fabric you sometimes need to see the colour or feel the weight or texture. We are happy to send small samples of merino fabrics but here are things you need to know:

1. There is a cost of $4NZD for postage and handling of the sample sheet. We get a lot of requests to send samples all around New Zealand and the world so this small charge covers the postage and handling cost. To order please click here https://www.newzealandmerinoandfabrics.com/products/a4-sheet-samples-of-merino-fabric?_pos=1&_sid=e191527f3&_ss=r

2. We can only send samples if there is sample swatch to cut from. This is because many of the fabrics are one offs, unique or may be the last pieces left.

3. The samples may be small- about 3 cm x 2 cm.  See photo below of 2 sample sheets. This is because they are sent on an A4 sheet at the letter postage rate. If the samples are bigger then NZ Post requires a parcel rate to be paid which will cost more to send. If you need bigger swatches, you could look in the sale section for odd length shorter pieces. 

4. There are about 12-14 small samples on a page. These will be random samples of different types of merino fabric, weights and colours and may vary from the ones shown in the photo. 

5. If you want samples of particular fabrics please ask and we will send them if we can but see number 2 above. Sometimes we won't have the fabric sample you want, but we may have the same fabric in a different colour for you to check weight and texture. 

6. For overseas delivery, it cant take 4-6 weeks for a the letter to be delivered to you by standard  letter post by airmail which is not tracked. There is no guarantee that by the time you want to order, the same fabrics on the sample sheet will be available or available in the lengths required.  For NZ delivery, we will use a courier but may send standard post if your address is Rural. 

7. If you want a particular sample sent with an order, please ask as soon as you place the order so we can add it to the parcel. 

Fabric Availability

8. Please send an email if you want to check fabric availability for a larger amount as the stock shown on the website will not necessarily show all stock.

9.  We are able to supply some fabrics in larger rolls but please note our range changes all the time so that means the amount of each fabric varies. There may be fabrics that we can restock but for other fabrics, stock may be limited. Please bear this in mind if you are manufacturing as we do not guarantee the ongoing supply of any of the fabrics. 

10. It is NOT possible to order any fabric to specification or printed to your design. We can only supply fabrics  that we have in stock. 

11. To be advised when new fabrics arrive, follow us on Facebook. New fabrics arrive monthly. Colours, types, blends and amounts will vary per fabric. 


  • To purchase more fabric in one length, on a 1m listing, add the item to a shopping cart. Once in the shopping cart, change the amount to 2 for the fabric to be sent as a 2m length. Or on a 1.5m listing, if you order 2 it will be sent as a 3m length. 
  • Precut pieces: If  listing shows that only precut pieces are available or is an odd length e.g. 1.2m, the fabric is already cut to that length and will be sent as separate pieces if ordering more than 1 piece. 
  • To order more fabric, check lengths or the shipping cost please send an email to info@newzealandmerinoandfabrics.com
  • All prices are shown in NZD.