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Why NZ Merino Is Best

Why New Zealand Merino is Best!

Warm In Winter, Cool In Summer: 

Merino creates a micro-climate around your body, creating a layer of warmth in winter and wicking moisture away from your skin in summer. Merino fibres breathe, keeping you dry and comfortable. 

With many more fibres contained in the fabric it traps more tiny air pockets and locks in body heat, making it a super insulator.

Merino wool clothing & knitwear is highly breathable because the individual fibres breathe as well as the fabric, and it wicks moisture away from your body, releasing it into the air. This helps to regulate your temperature keeping you warm in cold weather and cool in hot. 

Merino wool knitwear will absorb up to a third of its weight in water without feeling clammy and retains some of its warmth even when very wet.

 Easy To Care For: 

Merino is machine washable in cool water. Use a wool wash and lie flat to dry ( never dry in the dryer). Merino is a naturally water repellent fibre.


Comfortable and Soft and beautiful to touch: 

Merino wool is much finer than traditional wool making it smooth against your skin and more comfortable to wear (non-itchy).

Merino fibres can stretch over 30% and still recover to their natural shape.  

Merino can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture before it feels damp, and then when it does get wet, it stays warm. 


Merino is naturally fire retardant. It is self extinguishing, meaning it will not melt or stick to your skin. It also has high UV protection, keeping you safe from the harshness of the sun. 

Good Looking: 

Merino fibre is longer and stronger and less likely to pill. 

Great for outdoors and sportswear: 

The natural anti-microbial properties of Merino wool make it odour resistant - another big advantage over synthetic fabrics.