About Us

Hello from Rotorua in New Zealand!

We are the best online shopping site for buying NZ merino wool fabrics by the metre with worldwide shipping. Our prices are very competitive too as we keep our prices low by only selling online. 

You can buy what you need in full and half metres. 

Secure online payment on your credit card with Paypal. 

Merino is one of the best natural fabrics- heat regulating, moisture wicking, natural and sustainable, doesn't itch like normal wool, naturally fire retardant and perfect for baby wear, outdoor activities, cycling and running.

Lots of colours, weights blends and compositions to suit every garment or activity.

To find products, you can search by collection e.g. 100% merino or use the search box and enter terms e.g. black to find all the black merino.


Overseas Shipping:

Cost is based on final parcel weight and destination so please email us to send your order and an invoice will be sent with the correct shipping.


Or if you use the online shopping for overseas shipping, we may need to send a refund or another invoice for the correct shipping. This is because the online calculation may not be correct as the website uses an estimated weight and not the actual weight so the shipping charge may not be correct.  

For a shipping estimate, a query about fabrics, lengths or any query about the fabrics, use the link at the top of the home page to send an email.

So get online and add some fabrics to your shopping basket so you can make your own merino creations at a fraction of the price than buying ready made.

Happy Sewing!




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