100% navy 175g and black 195g jersey knit are back in stock along with lots of other colours. Please ask if you need longer lengths as all stock is not shown online.

Clearance on some black merino blend heavier weight fabrics.

Minimum order of 20m will apply however will consider requests for less fabric. 

We have been able to source some heavier weight merino blends which are being sold at a discount. These will be great for hoodies and some have elastane so are great for leggings.
The fabrics are all black and are various weights and blends. 
These fabrics are being sold in 20m rolls for $275.00NZD (excluding the courier cost). This is $13.75NZD per metre or about $9.50USD.
If you need more we can send larger rolls. We would need address to advise cost to send as these are very heavy fabrics to send.
The fabrics are:
#1- 265g 38% merino 46% polyester 16% elastane
#2- 220g 52% merino 48% polyester
#3- 250g 38% merino 46% nylon 16% elastane
#4- 280g 14% merino 74% nylon
#5-225g 57% merino 43% polypropylene
These fabrics are not listed on the website so to purchase please message us with the fabric number, the number of metres ( 20m is the minimum) , your address and email and we will send an invoice.