Order now if you need merino fabric for Christmas. We are going to be closed from 18 Dec to 8 January 2024 for the holiday period.

Make sure you buy ballpoint or jersey knit sewing machine needles when ordering merino fabric.

We have lots of options for sewing machine needles to use with merino fabric. You need a ballpoint or jersey knit needle to sew knits so you don't make a hole in the fabric as you sew. The ballpoint tip prevents the needle from piercing and breaking the fabric fibres.

Also use with cotton knits, interlock rib knits, fleece, double knite, suede and most other knit fabrics.

We have various sizes of needle to suit the weight of the fabric and can be purchased in various brand. Schmetz, Klasse or Birch needles are all available here. https://www.newzealandmerinoandfabrics.com/collections/sewing-supplies