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Washing merino wool fabric tips

Merino wool fabric is machine washable so chuck it in the machine on a wool or delicate cycle.

Watch out for open zippers on other garments so they don't rub on the fabric as it is being washed. 

I don't recommend using a dryer to dry merino wool as if the dryer is too hot it may shrink or felt. Dryer temperatures vary so much and with different types of dryers using different methods to dry fabrics the results can vary by dryer.

Don't use bleach. Merino fabric is anti-bacterial so it doesn't need disinfecting. Bleach may cause the fibres to break down and that can lead to small holes. Also bleach will affect the color of the fabric.

Also you don't need to use a wool softener as it can have the same results as bleach. Merino wool fibres are naturally soft and bend when they contact your skin so you don't get that itchy prickly feeling like you do with other wool. 

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If you want to add a merino washing instruction tag to your merino creation we have satin labels in black or white.