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Which merino weight fabric do you need to wear depends on how warm or cool you want to be?

Do you need merino for summer or winter. Look at the fabric weight on the fabric listing and the higher the number, the warmer and toastier you will be. Merino fabric does not need bulk for warmth. 


Warmth Factor

120- 150g

For the warmer months or active wear. Also look for fabrics which have eyelets which allow for the air to flow through the eyelets for ventilation and cooling. A merino tencel blend can also be used as tencel is a natural fibre that helps with cooling.


Ultralight to wear all year round- 100% merino jersey knits or blends


Lightweight- still ok to wear all year round but with more warmth- try 100% merino jersey knits or blends


Mid weight- good for the cooler months- use 100% and blends as versatile for hoodies, dresses, pants, trackpants,  cardigans and if there is elastane for more stretch in the fabric use for leggings.

300g and up

Heavy weight for the coldest months