Fabrics on sale and odd length pieces

Sale fabrics, Odd length pieces which are one offs, last pieces left or fabrics with minor flaws.

Notes about Shipping Costs:

If you order is under a certain weight (about 2 kgs)  or value, you may be able to checkout online with the website estimating a shipping cost. For smaller orders, this is usually correct. For larger orders, the website may not able to estimate an accurate cost as there may be different postage or courier options.

1: For orders paid for online: All shipping costs will be checked when the order is packaged and ready to send. If there is an over payment, this will be refunded or if there is an under payment, a further shipping invoice may be sent for payment before your fabric order is dispatched.

2: If you want a shipping estimate first or the website cannot estimate a cost, please send us an email.

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