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5 Schmetz Jersey Needles- Sizes 70/10 80/12 90/14

5 Schmetz Jersey Needles- Sizes 70/10 80/12 90/14

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Use a ballpoint jersey knit when sewing with merino or knit fabrics. These needles make sure you don't make holes in the fabric.

This is for one packet of 5 Schmetz Jersey Ballpoint Needles. This pack has 3 sizes

Size 90/14 80/12 and 70/10.

Use the highest number for thicker merino fabrics like merino coat fabric  and sweatshirting, the 80/12 for most jersey knits and rib knits and the 70/10 for the lightest weight merino fabrics.

Schmetz is a high quality german product and able to be used with all machines that take a flat back needle.