1.5m Plimco Navy Pink Stripe Star Eyelet 98.7% Merino 1.3% nylon 150g

$36.00 NZD

Plimco Navy blue merino with a fine pink stripe about 1mm wide and about 30mm apart. The pink shows through the eyelet holes. See left side of photo.

You can also use the wrong side of the fabric as the right side. This will give you a pink stripe about 3mm wide and the stripe will be about 6mm apart. This is shown on the right hand side of the photo.

Has a slight texture with a very tiny star eyelet pattern.

98.7% merino 1.3% nylon


145cm wide x 1.5m long

This is virtually a 100% merino with a tiny bit of nylon added to stabilize the fabric as it has the small eyelets in it.

Good one way stretch.

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